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Vedettävällä koneistolla oleva Mondaine Helvetica!

Tyylikästä sveitsiläistä muotoilua perinteisellä mekaanisella koneistolla!

Koneisto: SW210-1. Teräskuori. Halkaisija 40 mm. Safiirilasi, safiirilasi myös takakuorena. Rannekkeen leveys 20 mm. 

Pure functional hardware with the addition of a hand-winding movement transforms this fifties looking seasonal timepiece into an expression of modern living and a tribute to the 50s at the same time. Honest and traditional in its look with 12 easy to read numbers and plain highly polished regular 40mm case, its simplicity is only questioned when you view its internal architecture through its transparent case back. There is no need for anything else on this watch apart from its brown leather strap

990,00 €
Alkaen 59,40 €/kk